It all started WITH A VIDEO

Thank you to all of our Best Thing You'll Ever Do supporters.We launched our Kickstarter in April 2016 and made our initial goal in three days. In May 2016 the campaign closed with just over $31k from 270 backers. Your support allowed us to hire over 25 people, from actors to gaffers to editors, colorists and sound designers to film episodes in New York and The San Francisco Bay Area.

Inspired by the experience of creator, writer and series star Monica West, award-winning Best Thing You'll Ever Do captures an entrepreneur coming face-to-face with the baby question in her mid 30s.

“For me and I think so many other women, our mid to late 30s is a time when our careers are reaching the place we always dreamed of and we’re finally open to meeting or committing to our partner in life. It feels like the moment life is finally coming together, but we’re laying awake at night worrying about whether to disrupt the whole thing to have a baby before it’s too late,” says West.

Best Thing You'll Ever Do follows the story of hard-working but struggling Mae Murrai who finds herself juggling two dead-end jobs in Brooklyn. Desperate to shake up her unsatisfactory routine, Mae hops a flight to San Francisco Bay Area — and her life changes forever. Mae meets her fiancée, Sam, played by Bhavesh Patel (The Good Wife) and puts into motion her dream for a start-up business (based on the real-life linen company Parachute Home) and it starts to take off. Mae can’t help but wonder if her life is finally coming together, when suddenly her future husband utters: I can't wait to have kids with you.

Sam’s baby declaration lands hard on Mae and sets the series into motion as she encounters strangers’ and loved ones’ unsolicited advice about having a baby (or not), freezing eggs, and more panic-inducing questions. Best Thing You'll Ever Do captures the humorous characters and situations Mae encounters and the emotional struggle she experiences within herself as she searches for the answer to the biggest decision of her life.