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Monica West

Monica West is an award-winning creator, writer, producer, and actress based in San Francisco and New York. She is a team member of Catherine Fordham's Top Salta NY production company focused on making films by women. Top Salt’s new film Consommé is now available for viewing on AMC's Monica’s comedic writing and acting work with MVPleez has been featured by New York Magazine, Refinery 29, Huffington Post, and Above Average.

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Catherine fordham

Catherine Fordham is a New York-based director, producer, writer and actor. After writing and producing Trapped Girl (2014), a short film that screened at festivals in the U.S and Canada, Catherine made her directorial debut with Consommé (2015), a thriller/horror short that she also wrote and produced. Consommé, starring Monica West, is currently on the festival circuit, and is now available for viewing on AMC’s shudder.tvConsommé was recently featured in the Huffington Post

Catherine runs her own production company, Top Salt, which she created to produce her own films and those of her collaborators, including Best Thing You’ll Ever Do with Monica West. In March 2016 Catherine attended Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School in Germany where she met incredible filmmakers from all over the world and learned to pick locks. She is currently writing a thriller based on a zen koan.  She's hoping to shoot a short version of this in 2017. 






Originally from San Francisco, Lance Kaplan has shot six features. His most recent, RangiTaranga, a mystery thriller made in India, screened worldwide and was shortlisted for the 2016 Oscars. 










Jenn Harper is a San Francisco based editor and musician. Music really drives her editing style in terms of how she approaches her work. Jenn enjoys perfecting the art of tech troubleshooting, singing and playing guitar and taking on ambitious knitting projects.

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Minos papas

Minos Papas hails from sunny Cyprus and is an independent filmmaker in New York City. His films have been screened and awarded at multiple film festivals all over the world. His most recent show film Tango on the Balcony is in the festival circuit ( Minos is a member of the Director's Guild of Cyprus and the founder of production company Cyprian Films, New York. Minos is into Kubrick, Tarkovsky, soccer, death metal and kittens.









Tiffany is a New York-based musician/composer. She most recently released an instrumental EP entitled “Strangest Little Creature,” as well as a single written for Best Thing You’ll Ever do entitled “Land, Wander” (available on Bandcamp). Together, she and producer J57 form electropop duo Goldie Haunt, and she also contributes to folk band Youth in a Roman Field.










Anna has worked as a freelance editor for Discovery, 30th Century Records, NRG, Bare Escentuals, Tile, Shafer Wines, Glass&Marker, Noise13, and more. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Cinema at San Francisco State University in just three years, and is now freelance video editing in the beautiful Bay Area. She is an exceptional editor, well-versed in commercial and advertising content, music videos, documentaries, narratives, motion graphics, VFX, and just about anything else. Anna was raised in the East County corner of San Diego on a steady diet of classic Hollywood and '80s New Wave.







Production Manager/Assistant Director

Erin Nelson is a producer based in New York City. Originally from Texas, she moved to New York to share her artistic voice and fell in love with producing. Her projects are almost exclusively led by female directors, which is a trend she hopes continues. 










Liza is a cinematographer based in New York City. She is also one of three gingers on the team of Best Thing! Her three favorite things are cameras, boats and horses. Obviously, good things come in threes.